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Creating new wetland habitats

Creating new wetland habitats.

At Wildacres Nature Reserve our aim is to protect and enhance the 17.5 acres of land as an optimum native species habitat.


This involves the creating of new wetland habitats which are incredibly species rich when established.

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Redcross River

Redcross river 

At Wildacres Nature Reserve we are blessed to have the stunning Redcross river bordering a large part of the lands. 

We actively manage, monitor and clean it to prevent excess silting through riverbank erosion and by removal of plastics


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Barn Owl Nestbox at Wildacres

Other biodiversity projects.

We have lots of plans and initiatives we are currently implementing  to help our native wildlife on the Nature Reserve and ultimately in as many other locations as possible . 

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Native Scots Pine


This will involve increasing forest cover on the nature reserve in designated areas, always with native species suited to the particular soil type. 



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Introductory Beekeeping Course


We sustainably produce a crop of gorgeous raw Irish Honey , both Summer and the extraordinary Heather Honey later in the season. We also run a program of Introductory Beekeeping courses  during spring and summer .


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Hawthorn covered in Haws at Wildacres

Hedgerow planting and management.

As we have one of the lowest rates of native deciduous forest cover in Europe. Our wonderful hedgerows are now even more important, as a vital habitat for our under threat native wildlife.


At Wildacres we are planting lots of new native wildlife focused hedgerow and managing existing hedgerow with that same wildlife focus.


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Wildflowers at Wildacres

Wildflower meadows.

As farming practices have changed and intensified.

Our native wildflowers do not stand a chance of becoming established. Wildfower meadows are a species rich habitat which we are in the process of restoring in areas of the nature reserve.

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We plan to open our education and visitor center in Spring 2024.

Here we will host various courses focused on biodiversity, its protection and enhancement. 


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