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At Wildacres we are passionate about the health and well-being of all species in Ireland and that includes us humans!  

Regular exercise, good nutrition and an ongoing connection with nature are three very important elements of a healthy lifestyle.


Think movement, nourishment and mindfulness……


Physical activity surrounded by nature is even more advantageous than exercising indoors. Whether walking, cycling, running or swimming, they are all the more beneficial when practiced in the Great Outdoors. And when the weather permits Pilates and personal training can be enjoyed al fresco too!


As for gardening and growing your own food– a triple whammy – 1) productive, 2) physical activity 3) with nature!

What We Offer:

We currently provide Nutrition and Fitness Coaching and Pilates classes, at the moment these are online during Covid restrictions.. Normally they are held in South County Dublin and Co. Wicklow.. We look forward to offering these services at the Wildacres Visitor and Education Centre in County Wicklow, when it opens in spring 2024.

Pilates Courses – Exercise for Life

Gilly provides Mat Pilates Courses from Complete Beginners to Advanced level. Pilates is a powerful form of exercise which helps improve flexibility, increase muscular strength and endurance, promote more effective breathing and posture, and is a gift for life.

All you need is an exercise mat and a willingness to learn. Learning Pilates puts individuals on the right track to a healthier more flexible and toned body. Continuing to practice Pilates throughout life gives your health and wellbeing a massive advantage.

For enquiries regarding the courses I can be contacted on 086 2739391


Bio - About Gilly Taylor

Hi ! I'm Gilly Taylor, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Health Coach and a Conservationist!  I help women and men to achieve their goals around nutritious food; healthy eating habits; weight management; active lifestyle and wellness.

As well as working on our Wildacres Nature Reserve Project with Brian, I love teaching Pilates and helping people attain their health and fitness goals. I do this through friendly and supportive one-to-one consultations, personal training, group workshops and Pilates courses.

I have an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching from the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health (IINH). I'm also a Pilates Instructor (from beginner through to advanced level), a Personal Trainer and a Ski Instructor! I have a passion to empower others to adopt healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

I originally studied Business Studies at Trinity College Dublin and worked for 20 years in senior management positions for a number of Media Services Companies. I then spent a few years full-time minding our children when they were little and studied at the IINH and UCD to fulfil my desire to work in the wellness arena. Since 2017  Brian and I have been working on the Wildacres Nature Reserve Project, protecting and restoring biodiversity and inspiring others to do the same.