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Irelands Bees

We have ninety nine different species of Bees in Ireland, there are 

Andrena bicolor. Solitary Mining Bee

 21 Bumblebees  

Red Tailed and Buff Tailed Bumblebee Foraging

1 Honeybee

Honeybee on Aster flower

They range from the seemingly gravity defying Bumblebees, to the intriguing burrowing or cavity nesting solitary bees, to the industrious Honeybees.

The largest group, the solitary Bees are actually the most eficient in relation to effective pollination of our crops and wild native plants, but are often overlooked.


The sad fact is that in relation to all our wild bees, we have already lost some to extinction, and one third of the remaining species are in serious decline with some threatened with extinction. 


So what is causing this ?.

Bombus Terrestris Queen 17.02.2017.jpg

Top of the list is simply they do not have access to enough food. With intensification of agriculture due to farmers being put under increasing pressure to produce more output at lower costs we are losing and have lost much of our wild spaces and hedgerows, vital habitat for pollinators.


Other major factors are the challenge of climate change and the intensive use of toxic poisons in the form of pesticides in our agricultural food producing systems, and even in our gardens.


These pesticides come in an array of of noxious products to suit every requirement, from sprays for blackfly on our garden Roses to noxious herbicides to kill off unwanted plants in our fields. Which when used in conjunction with one another can have a disastrous cumulative effect on our pollinators and our wildlife.

This is something we can act on individually and as a community to make a difference and effect change.

Click here to find out what specific actions you can take, and also to learn more about these fascinating creatures and our other precious pollinators 


Protect our Biodiversity