Small Ermine Ypomomeuta cagnagella
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What fascinating and often overlooked animals moths are.

They frequently have an image of being dull and brown and something that just flutters around after dark.

It is only in recent times that they are beginning to be appreciated for the role they play in our fragile ecosystems. They are mostly, but not always nocturnal. They are important herbivores and pollinators of our wild plants and a vital food source for all manner of animals from tiny parasitic wasps to bats and many of our well known common garden songbirds. In Ireland we have over 1,300 species of Moths from the larger Macro Moths to the smaller Micro Moths. 

Many having beautiful coloration and wing patterns, such as the Angle Shades or gorgeous red and black Cinnabar moth.

Like much of our wildlife, many moth species have suffered serious and alarming declines in population in recent times. 

They are a particularly important species we want to see flourish at Wiladacres because of the number of other creatures that rely on them as a food source,. and as such are a keystone constituent insect in a healthy and functioning ecosystem.  

Here we will log our photos of species recorded on Wildacres Nature Reserve on an ongoing basis.