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All proceeds made by Wildacres from the sale of our Honey and any associated activities, such as Beekeeping courses or talks, goes towards the Wildacres Nature Reserve Project.


A project dedicated to the protection of our precious native wildlife, restoration of biodiversity and the enhancement of the environment.

We produce this very special mono floral honey during the months of August and into early September when we bring selected colonies of bees up to the Wicklow heather moors.


Here, in a good year when the conditions are right, they will produce a crop of unique and wonderful Heather Honey. We produce a limited quantity of it as the there is only a short time frame in which the heather plant flowers and the bees can gather the nectar. Also it is extremely time consuming and laborious to produce.


What might be called a labour of love ! 



Irish Heather Honey in the news

This Irish Heather Honey was recently scientifically analyzed.


The results of this analysis proved that Irish Heather Honey has similar anti bacterial properties to the more famed Manuka Honey in its top strength version, which of course is imported here all the way from New Zealand,.


Heather honey itself sets to a gel like consistency, has a very unique flavour and is considered by many to be the finest tasting of all honeys produced.




To make this gorgeous honey the bees will gather nectar and pollen almost exclusively from our native Ling Heath plant Calluna vulgaris. 


This plant produces an abundant supply of nectar and grows mostly on elevated sites in the mountains on acidic soil. To produce a crop of Heather Honey we move the bees from their year round lowland sites up to the heather moors for August and into early September.  They then are brought back down once the ling Heath plant has finished flowering. 

The Heather Honey must be extracted manually, which involves cutting out the heather honeycomb from the wooden frames and crushing and pressing it through fine muslin straining material to get the finished product. A very special and unique Honey with wonderful health benefits. 



Frehly bottled Irish Heather Honey
Partially Capped Frame of Irish Heather Honey
A spoon of Beautiful Irish Heather Honey
Freshly produced Irish Heather Honey