Wildacres LOGO.png


Our Vision.

To make Ireland a country that cherishes and protects all our native wildlife, and takes measures to restore a healthy, functioning natural environment for future generations.


Our Mission.

Wildacres is on a mission to encourage and inspire people throughout Ireland to protect wildlife, nature and our environment, to halt and reverse the decline in biodiversity, and in doing so to reap benefits for the health and well-being of all species.

We will work with local communities to empower them with practical knowledge on how to improve and rejuvenate biodiversity levels in their area. We will continue to enhance and expand the Wildacres Nature Reserve footprint in County Wicklow and we will share our experience and inspire others throughout Ireland to develop a Wildacres initiative with the aim of having at least one in every county nationwide.


Our Goals.

  • To develop a best in class nature reserve that serves as a sanctuary for Ireland’s native wildlife and a place for visitors to learn about our local flora and fauna.

  • To establish a top class visitors centre that facilitates a wide range of workshops, talks and courses

  • To encourage local communities to initiate biodiversity projects in their local area

  • To collaborate with farmers and other landowners  - custodians of the land – to encourage the development of wildlife corridors throughout the county and beyond


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